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365 Bible Reading Plan

Thanks to Senior Pastor Mark Maki for his reading plan outline:

If you want to go through the Bible in about a year, without being too legalistic about it, you might try what I do.

I read one chapter from the New Testament.  Since there are a total of 260 chapters in the New Testament, this means you will get through it if you only do your reading 70% of the time.

I also like to break up the Gospels this way:
Read Matthew and then the letters of Paul (Romans through Philemon);
Read Mark and then the remaining letters (Hebrews through Jude);
Read Luke and then Acts (many people consider them Part I and II of the same book);
Read John and then Revelation.

For the Old Testament, there are a total of 748 chapters (not including Psalms and Proverbs).  Therefore, if you were to read a little over 2 chapters a day, you would get through the Old Testament.  I tend to vary the amount of reading by the type of material.  Historical chapters, I read at about 4 chapters per day.  Prophets, I read about 1 chapter per day.

I also suggest breaking up the Old Testament reading this way:

Read Genesis all the way through 2 Kings;
Read Isaiah;
Read 1 and 2 Chronicles;
Read Jeremiah and Lamentations;
Read Ezra through Esther;
Read Ezekiel;
Read Job;
Read Daniel;
Read Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs (Song of Solomon);
Read the Minor Prophets (Hosea through Malachi).

There are 150 Psalms and 31 chapters of Proverbs.  I begin Psalm 1 on January 1.  There are usually 30 days in a month, so I simply read Psalm 1-30 during the first month, 31-60 during the second, and so on until the end of May when I have finished 150 Psalms.  Then, in June, I read Proverbs 1-30 and make sure I also get in chapter 31.  Then in July, I start at the beginning of Psalms and do it again.  In this way, I get through these two books twice a year.  Also, I always know what my devotional reading is for the day.  For instance, I am writing this on August 10th.  Since I am reading Psalms 31-60 this month, I know that I will be reading Psalm 40 today.  On September 5th, I will be reading Psalm 65.  On December 12th, I'll be reading Proverbs 12.

If I miss a day, I just pick up at the point I was reading in the New and Old Testament and continue.  I don't go back and try to catch up on Psalms and Proverbs because I know I will be going through them again.

Don't get legalistic about your reading.  Allow God to speed you up or slow you down as He wills.  But in general, this is a great way to keep yourself immersed in His Word.