How to Connect with God

Think of the Bible as a cross between a romance novel and a travel guide.

It is the original love story.  God makes the original couple for a relationship of love.  Adam and Eve go their own way instead of God’s way (that’s called sin).  Mankind ends up wandering around disconnected from God and unable to get connected in their own power.  Out of love, God himself repairs the damage and makes it possible to connect with him again--at great personal cost to himself.

It is also a travelogue detailing to us lost humans how to get back to God.  Repent (make a u-turn) and believe (let Jesus take over the wheel).

Connecting with God is impossible, yet it is simple.  We do not have the ability to make the connection ourselves.  That would be like asking an ant to make a phone call.

God knows our plight.  So, because he loves us, he initiated the connection by humbling himself and becoming a human—Jesus.  Now we can connect with God, simply by going to Jesus, the mediator between God and humanity.

But Jesus did more than simply become human.  He paid the penalty for humanity’s disobedience by dying on the cross. 

Fortunately for us, death was not the end of the story.  Jesus conquered death itself so that we do not have to die.  God’s loving relationship with us can now be restored for eternity.

So, to connect with God, simply turn from going your own way and turn to Jesus.  Place your life in his hands.  Receive his forgiveness and his gift of eternal life.

“You mean that’s it?  Don’t I have to do something?”

Not really.  Being restored happens through faith, not by working hard.  Therefore, God can give wholeness like a gift, instead of like being paid for doing work.  Everyone can receive a gift.

Now that’s good news!

It’s kind of like getting married.  Washing the dishes, taking out the trash and paying the bills doesn’t make you married.  Saying “I do” is what makes you married.  Once you are married, you may want to do the dishes, take out the trash and pay the bills, but those works do not make you married.

Getting saved by Jesus happens when you say, “I do” to him.  You might think about praying the following prayer as a way of doing just that.

“Jesus, I have lived my life the way I wanted to.  I turn away from that and turn to you.  I want you to be in charge.  I want to follow you and be your disciple.  Teach me how to live this new life.  Thank you for forgiving me, accepting me and giving me eternal life.  Amen.”

Praying that prayer or one like it is just the beginning of your new life.  Just like a wedding is just the beginning of a marriage, so this is just the beginning of your new life in Jesus.  Our spiritual journey with God is helped along by certain practical things that help us to grow in our new life.  Regular prayer, which is just talking to God.  Reading the bible, which will help us understand God’s ways.

Jesus also encourages us to join others on our spiritual journey.  We’re all in the same boat.  Seeking to follow Jesus as his apprentices in a new kind of life—eternal life.  Find others who are committed to this journey and learn to walk together.

If you have questions about who Jesus is, Meet Jesus here.